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Holism and universe, a kind of poetry.

All is one energy.
Every smallest particle and living entity is one part of the whole. The whole does not exist without its parts.
We are inside the body of the universe and the universe is inside us.

In difficult times, know that you have the power of the universe inside you.
Trust that whatever comes our way, difficult times and hard lessons or happiness and miracles, we always are inside of and made up of the powerful energy of the universe. The universe energy flows all ways, i all directions, through matter, time and space.

The amount of energy in the universe can not change.
According to physics as we know it. Energy never dissapears.
It just changes form.
When stars die, they dont vanish into nothingness. They change into another shape and form.
Another existance.
One material energy transforms into another form.
The death becomes a birth.
And all parts are always an energy part of the energy whole.
And the whole itself is also a part, of a whole.
There are a lot of differencies, shapes, and forms, but in that infinite variety there is unity.
A diverse unity embraced.
A circle of energy circling, changing, transforming, moving and expanding.
All is one.

By: Anne Sofie

Picture: Credits & Thanks to Gerald

Av Holistic Heart

Frilansskribent och beteendevetare med passion för holistisk livsstil, natur, djur, hållbarhet och psykologi! Och en liten bit av poesi.